Travel to the rural highlands of India and volunteer at RISE elementary school! 

We welcome students and professionals from around the world to help us

develop our program.  (Dates flexible)

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Travel Abroad

We are currently accepting applications!


Travel to South India and live with a small group of like-minded volunteers on the elementary school campus.  The program provides community housing with kitchen, bathroom and beds.  South Indian meals, purified (boiled) water and toilet paper provided.  Laundry service available.

RISE coordinates Discovery Day Trips for volunteers to get a sense of the local culture. 

Weekends are dedicated to traveling to temples, waterfalls and local farms.  Cricket games will also be organized with the elementary school.


Hands On


Volunteer 4-8 hours each week day working along side teachers and staff to develop the computer technology program (providing elementary students with computer training).  Other opportunities available in education and sustainability.

Volunteer Requirements:

*Must be a US citizen

*Must be at least 18 years old

*Valid passport (approx. 4-6 weeks to process)

*India visa (approx. 8 business days to process upon completion)

*Travel insurance (purchase with airfare)

*Vaccinations up to date (visit a physician before traveling)

*Must be willing to travel a minimum of 1 week or maximum 4 weeks

RISE Foundation • 2657 Kipling St. Palo Alto • CA • 94306  818.314.1029

Costs (please note: we can assist you through through any of these processes):

*Airfare (approximately $1500 roundtrip San Francisco, CA - Chennai (Madras), India with taxes).  We will ask you for a copy of your airfare before travel.

*Train (approx $30 for a round trip First Class ticket, you are advised to take the train from Chennai (Madras) to Coimbatore.  This is a 7 hour train ride, but is less expensive than taking a flight.  We can have one of our staff meet you in Chennai (Madras) and take the train with you, or our staff will meet you at the train station in Coimbatore.  We will assist you with making this reservation.  We will ask for a copy of your train itinerary before travel.

*Passport (approximately $100, purchase through local post office, rush options available for additional fee).  We will ask for a copy of your passport before travel.

*Visa (approximately $80, purchase through India Visa Center). We will ask for a copy of your visa before travel.

*Travel insurance (approximately $100, purchase with airfare).  You can show us a copy of your travel insurance immediately before traveling to India.

*$500-1000 program fee to the organization (depends on travel times) Includes all costs: housing, meals, weekend field trips with transportation and entrance fees. 

*$100 (approximately) this is dependent on how much you spend on souvenirs and snacks (this is dependent of how much you spend on souvenirs and snacks)

Program Fee:

The program fee is a tax deductible donation.  RISE Foundation has an all volunteer staff so 100% of the program fee will go towards RISE programs.

Program Fee is flexible depending on your travel times

1 week - $500

2 weeks - $700

3 weeks - $900

4 weeks - $1000

Applications DUE:

rolling basis


For more information, contact Prita Kulkarni 214-340-5355


RISE Foundation will provide financial assistance to those who demonstrate financial need.  Please explain your need in the application.

FUNDRAISING: RISE Foundation assists volunteers with fundraising on a rolling basis.  We will provide you an email to send to friends and family or post on your Facebook to collection donations on your behalf.  All donations you collect will go towards your program fee and will be tax deductible for the donor.

OTHER FUNDRAISING: RISE Foundation has a partnership with the French Patisserie.  RISE Foundation will provide volunteers flyers and order forms so they can sell gourmet desserts to pay for their flight or other accrued costs.  Please note: these are not tax deductible.  Desserts will be delivered on rolling basis to the volunteers, and volunteers are responsible for delivering them to customers.

Application Process & Timeline:

APPLY (rolling basis):

  1. 1.Print and complete application rise application.pdf

  2. 2.Mail application to our PO BOX by March 1st

    (RISE Foundation, PO BOX 50519, Palo Alto, CA 94303)

NOTIFICATION (rolling basis):

  1. 3.RISE staff will notify volunteers by phone and/or email on a rolling basis (at this time we will review your application and call your references).

PREPARATION (rollin basis):  

  1. 4.We will will cash your $200 deposit which will go towards your program fee and notify you of your exact program fee depending on your financial aid assistance.

  2. 5.We will provide any assistance you need with flight, passport, visa, etc and we will continue to check in with your throughout the process.

  3. 6.We will provide you all financial assistance and donation opportunities via email.

  4. 7.We will schedule a training for all volunteers on a rolling basis to meet one another and strategize computer technology program.

  5. 8.Final Program Fee due on rolling basis, along with copy of itinerary, passport, visa, etc.

ARRIVAL (depends on your travel dates):

  1. 9.RISE Staff will meet you at train station in Chennai (Madras) or Coimbatore upon your arrival (depending on your preference).  We will escort you to the village of Thimmanguthu (where we will volunteer)

DEPARTURE (depends on your travel dates):

  1. 10. RISE Staff will travel with you to the Coimbatore train station.  You can continue personal travels after the program, however we can not assist you with any personal travels.

The RISE elementary school is located in the rural village of Thimmanguthu (not on map), which is 1 hour drive from Coimbatore.

Volunteers are advised to fly into Chennai (airport name is MADRAS), and take a train from Chennai to Coimbatore (7 hours) since it is less expensive then taking a national flight.

RISE staff can meet you in Chennai or Coimbatore and escort you to the village of Thimmanguthu. 

We want to ensure your safety and your comfort, so we are willing to pick you up in either location.

To accommodate your travel dates, we will work with you to schedule a pick up that is convenient for you.