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Our foundation's mission is to provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged children in rural India. RISE School has been successful in providing quality education at an affordable cost due to the support of philanthropists and generous donors. Without this support, it would have been unsustainable to run the school for these rural children.

RISE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Tax ID 91-6542513) and our donors may take a tax deduction on their donations.

Some of our immediate needs are:

  • Construct 12 new classrooms for our growing student population.
  • Build science laboratories for our young minds and encourage hands-on learning.
  • Bring technology to the classrooms with laptops and tablets.
  • Furnish classrooms and library.
  • Build a playground for the younger students.
  • Recruit new, qualified teachers for our higher grades.

To ensure our donors have a secure and easy-to-use platform, we use Network for Good for our fundraising efforts.


How your contributions help us

Schooling Expenditure

At RISE, we underscore the importance of quality and quality assurance in education. We are working to further developing our competency based learning standards. Your financial support can help us provide high quality education to rural, low-income children.

Cost of educating a child is estimated by us to be between $300 to $350 US Dollars (Rs 21,000 - Rs 24,500 Indian Rupees) yearly (for the academic year 2018 - 2019). The costs varies depending upon the grade of the child.

Educator Costs

RISE School currently has a teacher-student ratio of 1:18. We want to lower this ratio further, primarily because we have many children per class, most teachers assist with non-teaching duties, and finally, every teacher is assigned multiple classes. We belive this ratio needs to be lower specially for complex subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Computers.

Annual (2018-2019) teacher salaries range from $980 to $1,250 US Dollars (Rs 72,000 to Rs 92,000 Indian Rupees) based on the number of years of experience. We are also under constant pressure to raise salaries for higher skilled staff, that is harder to retain in rural areas.

Extra-curricular Investment

Extra-curricular activities help in students succeed in much more than just their academic endeavors. They promote strong thinking, social skills, physical strength, teamwork, creativity, time and stress management, better self esteem, nurturing talent, and holistic all round develpment.

Currently, we have classes for Yoga, Karate, Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance) for which we engage specialists. We also train our students on athletics, life skills, gender equality & agriculture.

We anticipate cost for any activity like Yoga/Karate/Bharatanatyam for 1 year (2018-2019) for all children to be about $980 US Dollars (Rs 72,000 Indian Rupees).


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